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When it comes to building carports, garages, barns, sheds, and other shelters, there is no better option in harsh winds and rain than metal. Steel frames can withstand high winds and won’t absorb moisture. Buildings made with metal don’t attract termites, insects, and other pests, making them consistently more stable and longer-lasting than wood in any weather.

Enguard Contractors offers you high quality metal building construction for all your needs in Colorado, Utah and Arizona

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Need a space to park your car, store lawn equipment or your fifth-wheel, or dive into a woodworking project? Our metal building services are ideal for your needs. With low maintenance needs and resistant to many of the problems that plague constructions – pests, humidity, rain, wind, and deterioration, as well as fire resistant, you can feel confident that your car, boat, or anything you choose to keep, will stay safe and protected from the elements.

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