Complete Your Parking Area

Complete Your Parking Area

Finish your parking area with gutter and curb concrete in Highlands Ranch, Brighton or Thornton, CO

A parking area requires two finishing touches: gutter concrete and curb concrete. Enguard Contractors, LLC of Brighton, Highlands Ranch, & Thornton, CO can pour gutter and curb concrete for business owners throughout the area as a way to complete a parking area installation.

A concrete gutter is a gutter built beside a paved area, like a parking lot or a patio. It leads water away from the pavement, preventing water damage.

A concrete curb is a barrier around a space like a paved area. It can also be a barrier between areas of different elevations. A curb provides structural support to the edge of pavement, preventing it from deteriorating. A curb can also be combined with a concrete gutter for water control.

Our concrete services are available in Brighton, Denver, Aurora, Westminster, Thornton and Highlands Ranch, CO, as well as the Jefferson County area. Call 720-580-2130 to schedule service today.

How do we pour curb concrete and gutter concrete?

First, we'll remove any preexisting curb and gutter concrete that's in poor condition. Then, we'll set concrete forms. We'll pour the concrete and level it. Once the curb and gutter concrete sets, we'll remove the forms and make the concrete smooth. We'll clean up the area andleave you with your new concrete curbs and gutters. To learn more about what our company can do for you, reach out to us.